6 Jul

It’s a few weeks longer before Julia and Marissa enter the picture, so bear with us until then. For now, we’d like to focus on Rachel, Alana, and Scarlett’s first weeks at The University, from the very moment their parents dropped them off and drove away, leaving them by their lonesome, to the moment when they all came together. The original threesome, they were best friends before Julia and Marissa made them The Five.

Rachel first began to regret her college decision when it was too late to change her mind, and by too late, I mean she was flipping through a copy of Sky Mall on a Southwest flight when reality finally hit. As we mentioned earlier, Rachel is extremely close to her family, sometimes even too close, divulging details of her personal life to her parents whereas other teens may choose to keep their moms and dads out of the loop. For dignity reasons.

Upon realizing that she’d be separated from her family from August until the end of November, Rachel burst into tears. And remained at this emotional state of disarray for the next several days.

Rachel had planned of going through sorority recruitment, and stuck with that plan initially. She was asked back to most of the top chapters, and even the lower tiered ones that she had no interest in joining; if Rachel was going to be in a sorority, she wanted to be in the best sorority. But after undergoing a week of skits, videos, and coordinated outfits, Rachel was unable to picture herself in any of the houses remaining on her list. At that moment, she decided to drop out of recruitment. But don’t worry, friends. She’ll revisit Sororityland later in our story.

No longer preoccupied with greek life, Rachel threw herself into her studies, hoping to distract herself. She grew close with her roommates, although ordinarily they wouldn’t have been her first choice in friends if they were under any other circumstances. One was a bisexual who seemed to take an immediate interest in Rachel, and the other two were best friends from high school. We won’t worry about the sexuality confused, instead highlighting the relationship Rachel formed with the two best friends. Their names were Ashley and Leslie.

In the first few weeks of the semester, Rachel, Ashley, and Leslie became inseparable. They celebrated Rachel’s birthday together in September, attended a concert hosted by the school, and did homework together at the library.

And then everything changed.

Leslie began spending a lot of time in Rachel’s closet, obsessing over Rachel’s extensive wardrobe and gasping over the prices on the tags still attached to many of the garments.

“You spent 385 dollars on this dress?” Leslie exclaimed, eyeing a white strapless number with black embellishments.

“Yeah…it’s cute right? I got it for recruitment and never wore it.” Rachel replied, joining Leslie in the closet and looking over her collection of silk blouses, patterned skirts, and structured blazers.

“How do you afford this stuff? I would kill to own this top”

“Well fell free to borrow anything whenever you’d like!” Rachel offered politely, even though she preferred that her friends steer clear of her wardrobe. There was, of course, the ever present possibility that her friends would rip or tear her designer garments, or spill alcoholic beverages down the front of a dry-clean-only tunic. Unfortunately, Leslie took the offer to heart, and began pulling tops and shorts from hangers and holding them up to herself. Moments later, she asked, for the first time of many, to borrow something out of Rachel’s closet. Rachel reluctantly obliged. Sorry Rachel, but you brought this upon yourself.

Leslie’s visits to Rachel’s closet became more and more frequent, until soon Leslie was borrowing full outfits every day of the week to wear to class or out to bars and parties. Rachel, we’ve come to realize, is a bit of a pushover, and often has a hard time standing up for herself to her friends. So, instead of facing Leslie head-on, she decided to shift the blame to her parents. They wouldn’t mind.

Rachel sent a text message to Leslie, explaining that her father had seen pictures on Facebook of her friends wearing clothes he had purchased, and wanted to put an end to it. Unfortunately, Rachel is a terrible liar, and Leslie saw her bluff. Friendship. Over. Well…not yet. Not exactly. Things would be different from here on out, but the friendship didn’t officially end for a few more months.

We’re going to take a break from the Leslie/Rachel drama for a few moments so we can introduce the Rachel/Alana/Scarlett friendship. A friendship that would prove to be much more worthy than any Rachel had ever shared with Leslie. To do this, we’re going to rewind a little, back to the beginning of the semester.

Rachel had just returned from a long day of classes during her  first week of school, and, exhausted, opted to take the elevator instead of the stairs. She saw that she was by herself, and pushed the button for the doors to close, but just as they had nearly shut together, a hand emerged between the narrow crack, forcing the doors to reopen. When the doors parted, Rachel was, for the first time, face-to-face with Alana. Alana smiled and joined Rachel on the elevator.

As we explained earlier, Alana is incredibly outgoing, which Rachel realized right away as Alana thrust her hand out to shake Rachel’s and introduced herself. Rachel quickly learned that Alana was in a sorority on campus and lived right next door to Rachel and her roommates. By the time the two reached their floor, they had exchanged phone numbers and made plans to meet up that upcoming weekend.

Rachel of course headed right to facebook to “research” her new friend. Let us explain something. Rachel is not a facebook “stalker,” per se, but she certainly knows her way around the internet. If you need the name of that blonde surfer-dude who sits in front of you in math class, Rachel can find out. Wanna see his house? She can find that out too. And even though she only knew Alana’s first name, it was just a matter of seconds before Rachel found her facebook page. Rachel also sees no boundaries in terms of creepiness, so she decided to send out a friend request as well. When it was immediately accepted, she knew she had found her match.


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