3 Jul

Scarlett was the second youngest of five kids, and had heard enough roommate horror stories from her older siblings to know that selecting the “random roommate” option on her housing request application simply wasn’t an option. Scarlett wasn’t close friends with anyone who’d be attending The University as an incoming freshman in the fall, and most of the upperclassmen she knew planned on living off campus or had already made previous living arrangements.

Though Scarlett is usually one to confront her problem head-on, she chose to push her roommate dilemma out of her thoughts and focused instead on enjoying her last few months of her senior year. Scarlett began dating a boy named Alex- a football player- and amidst date nights and tailgates her worries almost seemed to disappear. Scarlett avoided the issue for as long as she possibly could, but as the days went by and the deadline for housing grew closer, she knew she had to come up with a solution- and fast. Eventually Scarlett ultimately came to the same conclusion that Alana had reached, and realized that Facebook would be an effective way to reach out to potential roommates. Scarlett hoped to spark not only a friendship, but also a living arrangement.

Within a few hours of posting on The University’s facebook page that she was looking to meet new people, Scarlett received a friend request from another TU rising freshman named Alana. Alana looked to be normal enough at first glance, and when the two began chatting they realized that they actually had a lot in common, including the fact that both of them had yet to find a roommate. The two exchanged phone numbers, thereby officiating their friendship, and texted sporadically throughout the next couple of days. They discussed everything- from their upbringing, to previous boyfriends, to current boyfriends, to life goals. Scarlett looked to Alana for support when Alex proved to be unfaithful and Alana asked Scarlett for advice about feeling more confident in her appearances. Eventually it was decided that the two got along so well, they were destined to be roommates, and the pair set about deciding who would be bringing what to furnish their apartment.


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