1 Jul

Alana also traveled quite a distance to attend The University, but unlike Rachel, she still had family close by. Alana’s grandparents live down the street from TU, so not only was Alana familiar with the school, she was also able to navigate its surrounding neighborhoods with her eyes closed. Or with a blood alcohol content of twice the legal limit.

Alana had always been a popular young woman; in highschool she was voted “Best Personality” and Prom Queen. But unfortunately, our highschool reputations don’t usually follow us to college, which, depending on how you look at it, can go one of two ways. To many, this fresh start is an opportunity to reinvent ourselves anew. To Alana, it was a major setback in regards to her social standing. Alana had attended school with the same group of kids from kindergarten through her senior year of highschool, and couldn’t remember the last time she had been required to make a new friend. Unfortunately, none of her high school peers would be attending TU, which meant that, aside from her grandparents, Alana was destined to be completely alone and friendless for the first time in her life.

Naturally, Alana saw only one solution- Facebook. We all know and love Facebook, despite our best efforts to convince ourselves otherwise through our constant complaints of layout updates and FarmVille requests. We are all guilty of this, yet we also know that Facebook can be extremely resourceful at times. For Alana, this was one of those times. Alana needed to establish at least one friendship before she set foot on foreign soil.

Enter Scarlett.


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